About Me

Matt loves his costumes!!!!!

Hey there, my name’s Matt. I started this costume ideas blog because I’m a huge fan of movies (action, sci-fi and horror), themed parties and making people laugh, especially around Halloween and New Year.

I’m one of these people who really wants to go to town when it comes to fancy dress. I like to be err……a little different. Over the years I’ve struggled to find outfits that fit the bill so I started ‘Halloween Costume Ideas Guide’ to help you guys find outfits that would really make heads turn at your next Halloween party or soiree.

The thing with costumes is that they are not just an outfit. They are an ‘ice breaker’. They make people’s faces light up when they see a creative costume and a character they recognise. If you’re an introvert, they also help to boost your coincidence because people will gravitate towards you, rather you having to nervously navigate your way around the room until you get spoken too. C’mon, we’ve all been there!

On this site, you’ll find a great selection of diy movie costumes (including serial killers), diy tv character costumes, diy rock and pop star outfits, animals, dinosaurs, hilarious inflatable costumes and more. All these costumes have been found or created at low prices, so it won’t break the bank to look awesome at your next party. I want to provide you guys with enough inspiration to help you to find the outfit that is right for you. I’ll be adding more costumes and more categories so keep your eyes peeled.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to get in touch.

Enjoy and don’t forget to chuckle when you see an amusing costume. :-p


(P.S To keep this site up and running, I run affiliate links (Amazon) behind the products. If you go on to buy any of the products on this site then I may receive a very small commission. You will not pay any more for the product. I really appreciate your support.)