10 Best Frankenstein Halloween Costume Ideas | 2020

Universal Studios have provided an array of classic monster’s and these timeless movies are enjoyed by fans all over the world. My wife and I are huge fans of Universal Halloween Horror monsters such as Frankenstein Costumes, Wolfman Costumes, Mummy Costumes, Dracula Costumes, Bride of Frankenstein Costume to name a few.

Best Frankenstein Halloween Costume Ideas:

Big Frank Costume

Product DescriptionBeware, for I am fearless, and therefore powerful.We all get a little green sometimes. It might be because we are envious. Or because we are not feeling 100%, ...

Plus Size Frankenstein Costume

Living out your life is filled with a thousand difficult choices. You have to know what career to move towards, which kind of schooling to obtain, what kind of diet is right for ...

Toddler Frankenstein Costume

Product Description Raising children is sure a tough job. Rewarding as it might be, there are all sorts of unexpected struggles that no manual can ever help you with. Heck, their ...

Plus Size Bride of Frankenstein Costume

Product Description Dr. Frankenstein has a pretty unique way of making new friends. Whenever he gets lonely, or bored with his current group of reanimated pals, the good mad ...

Frankenstein Adult Halloween Costume - One Size

Give your friends a scare with this Frankenstein Halloween Costume for Adults. Sized to fit adult men with jacket sizes up to 44, this scary Halloween costume is modeled after the ...

Bride of Frankenstein Costume

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Universal Studios Monsters Lil’ Frankie Toddler Costume

Kids sometimes can be monsters but this little guy is way to cute!

The Universal Studios Monsters Lil’ Frankie costume includes a pullover top that gives the look of an Olive Green jacket* with ironed on patches, attached charcoal grey shirt, and attached character headpiece with front velcro closure.

Charcoal grey pants feature an ironed on patch, elastic waist band, and attached shoe covers are all included with this costume.

  • Available in Child size: Toddler (2-4). (Chest 28″, waist 14-24″)
  • Makeup kit sold separately.
  • Jacket, shirt, and character headpiece is a one-piece item, all 3 are attached.
  • This is an officially licensed Universal Studios Monsters™ costume.

Universal Studios Frankenstein Costume

Almost everyone knows the most famous monster ever created in a lab. From Mary Shelley’s classic novel comes Frankenstein the monster!

Includes character headpiece, jacket with inset shirt, pants* and over-sized shoe covers (these are not platform shoe covers, they are just designed to appear that way).

Pair with the Bride of Frankenstein for a great couples costume.

  • Available in Adult Plus, fits up to 44-50.
  • Please note: pants are running very small. The elastic band stretches from 27″ to 44″ maximum.
  • Makeup kit sold separately.
  • This is an officially licensed Universal Studios Monsters™ costume.

Bride of Frankenstein Costume

This lady looks like my mother in law and she’s come to stay a spell! It’s true what they say that it can be a real horrifying experience!

Includes long dress and black curly wig with white stripes.

Couple up with Frankenstein for a terrifying couples duo.

  • Available in Adult Plus fits size 16-20.
  • Makeup sold separately.
  • This is an officially licensed Universal Studios Monsters™ costume.
  • Remember a wig cap (sold separately) to hold in your own hair.

Universal Studios Monsters Dlx Makeup Kit

This is the basis for any of the Universal Studios Monsters!

This deluxe makeup kit includes (8) eight colors of makeup with two sponge applicators, fake blood, fake teeth, two electric bolts and more!

A must have for your Frankenstein Costume, Bride of Frankenstein Costume, Dracula Costume, Wolfman Costume, Frankie, Frankie’s Girl and Wolf Boy costume.

  • Includes: 8 Colors of Makeup, 2 Sponge Applicators, Fake Blood, Fake Teeth, 2 Bolts.
  • For best results, apply neck bolts with Spirit Gum (sold separately).
  • This is an officially licensed Universal Studios Monsters product.

Dracula Child Costume

Bela Lugosi is best known for playing Count Dracula and he will live on in the hearts of horror movie fans forever.

This Dracula Costume is true to the movie therefore you should not accept no substitutes!

This is the only officially licensed version of the Universal Studios™ Dracula! Costume includes cape with stand-up collar, vest with attached shirt, pants, medallion, and chain.

Apply some makeup and you can look just like Dracula! Just be sure you don’t stay out in the sunlight…but most of the fun is during Halloween night anyways.

  • Child sizes: Medium (size 8-10) & Large (size 12-14).

Universal Studios Mummy Mask

Take a look at this life like mask! This is truly a collector’s item from a very famous movie monster.

The Pride of Universal Studios! Deluxe latex construction, complete over the head adult mask. Each mask is individually hand painted in great detail.

  • One size fits most adults.
  • Also look for Frankenstein.
  • This is an officially licensed Universal Studios Monsters™ product.

Wolfman Child Costume

You know the legend! Beware of the full moon because that is when you need to howl!

Hopefully it will be Halloween night because you’ll be rewarded with loads of candy.

Accept no imitations or look alikes, insist on the only officially licensed version of the Universal Studios™ Wolf Man Costume!

Costume includes fur wig, ragged looking shirt with attached fur chest and hands, and pants.

  • Child sizes Medium (size 8-10) & Large (size 12-14).

View the entire Munster’s Costume Collection

If ever watched the Munster’s television show you had many laughs watching Herman and Grandpa getting into all types of mischief. Herman was the lovable goof ball and Lily is the person in charge. Grandpa Munster was the inept scientist who could never get his inventions to work out just right.

Now you can relive the moments as Herman Munster and have a blast!

Herman costume includes a jacket with attached shirt, pants, and an EVA Herman character one half mask. Get your friends to come as Lilly, Eddie, and Grandpa Munster (all sold separately) for a wacky & fun group costume!

  • Available in Adult Standard and X-Large.
  • Shoes sold separately (not officially licensed).
  • Please note: the mask does not cover the entire front of the face.
  • This is an officially licensed costume from The Munsters™.

Frank N. Stein Mascot Adult Costume


Huge Lovable Frankenstein Mascot for any occasion! Plays, School Events, Parties, Store Openings you name it!

Squishy Frankenstein Adult Mask

This guy definitely needs a case of Clearasil but you’ll be fine for Halloween. I don’t think this guy will be going out on too many dates either. But then again perhaps Dr. Frankenstein can create you a date in his laboratory.

He’s alive!” well kinda, just barely… he will need a jolt once in awhile in his electrodes.

Frankenstein will come to life all over again with this scary squishy green mask mask!

  • Available in One Size Fits Most Adults.

The above were just a few sample ideas about the Costume Movie Ideas which are available to you but there are countless others. For more Costume movie costumes as well as many other costume ideas, please visit Buy Costumes. Enjoy the monstrous selection you will find there.

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