10 Best Snooki Halloween Costume Ideas | 2020

Snooki Halloween Costumes Ideas 2020 – If you are looking for Snooki Halloween Costumes Ideas then you are the right place at here. Because here I have picked some best Snooki Halloween Costumes like T-Shirts, Suits, and Tie for you. So don’t go anywhere and choose your favorite Snooki Costume from here. now you don’t need to feel guilty for watching Jersey Shore … Because NOW, it’s your chance to play your favorite Jersey Shore Star…

Playing Nicole Snooki hasn’t been any safer nowadays, you have your backups, Mike “The Situation” and Paul “DJ Pauly D” for protection.  Don’t take a chance and get slapped in the face!Browse around here at Family Halloween Costume Ideas  and you will soon come to appreciate our terrific assortment of  Nicole “Snooki” Adult Costume, Mike “The Situation” Muscle Adult Costume, Nicole “Snooki” Adult Wig, Snooki Pink and Black Leopard Print Adult Costume, JWoWW White Halter Dress Adult Costume, Guidette Adult Costume  Kit, Paul “DJ Pauly D” Adult Wig,  Guidette Adult Wig, and many more… Plus, all our costumes and accessories (wigs & headpieces, jewelry, makeup, shoes etc.) are of the highest quality and our prices are the lowest around.

The following are a few Officially Licensed Jersey Shore samples of the exciting Snooki Halloween Costume and Jersey Shore Costumes we offer:

Best Snooki Halloween Costume Ideas

Best Snooki Halloween Costume Ideas

Best Nicole Snooki Adult Halloween Costume:

What goes on in seaside heights, stays in seaside heights…

You know what is painful? Getting smacked in the face at a watering hole. However these kinds of encounters do not get Snooki depressed. All things considered, the lady arrived in an instant and she’s going out with a bang! Own it and rock and roll it in this metallic, leopard-print dress up. Regardless of whether you’re a part of a rooftop rendezvous or on the hunt for a nice, juiced, scorching, bronze guy – this is how you dress for guidette results!

  • Available in One Size: Adult Standard Dress.
  • Does not include shoes, hosiery or jewelry.
  • Want the “pouf” without the commitment of countless hair products? The Snooki Wig is sold separately to complete your classy ensemble.
  • This is an officially licensed Jersey Shore costume.

JWoww White Halter Lace Dress Adult Halloween Costume:

“I’m like a butterfly…”

Transform into the Jersey guidette who’s “breasts defy gravity” in the Jersey Shore JWoWW White Halter Lace Dress Adult Costume which includes: A low cut white dress with a lovely lace overlay and a pair of inflatable breasts.

  • Available in Adult Standard Size: One Size Fits Most.
  • Includes: Dress, Inflatable Breasts.
  • Does not include shoes.
  • This is an officially licensed Jersey Shore product.

Buy Mike The Situation Halloween Costume:

Ab muscles so sculpted, you just know there’s going to be a…situation.

This juiced guido pumps his fists more frequently than he pumps his gasoline! The Situation costume features a flesh-colored, molded chest muscles shirt with a “Situation” tank over the top and a showy beaded necklace. Girls absolutely adore the Situation – he’s protein-packed and is at all times broadcasting great vibes.

  • Available in Adult Sizes: Large and X-Large.
  • Includes: Muscle Shirt/Tank, Necklace.
  • Snookin’ for love? Pair up with your girl Snooki and get your seaside party started!
  • This is an officially licensed Jersey Shore costume.

Buy Snooki Halloween Wig (Adult):

Wear your most bomb shell outfit and Top off the look of your gorgeous guidette!

Add a fun and full-bodied finishing touch to your Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi costume with this beautiful brunette wig! The Jersey Shore – Snooki Wig (Adult) features long, brilliant brown locks with loose curls at the end.

  • Includes: Wig.
  • Does not include costume.
  • Remember a wig cap (sold separately) to hold in your own hair.
  • We cannot accept wigs for return unless they are in their original packaging, unopened and sealed.
  • This is an officially licensed Jersey Shore product.

Buy Guidette Adult Halloween Costume Kit:

The girl with the epitome of Jersey posh.

Hit the shore this Halloween season as a nasty mouthed, party hoppin’, dance wrestling Jersey girl! You can be trash talkin’ your way into everybody’s hearts and minds with the Guidette Adult Costume Kit that features: A lengthy and luscious black wig showcasing the signature New Jersey style bump at the top, delicious and lustrous leopard print mini-dress, a pair of heavy black celebrity eyelashes and chestnut brown foundation so you’re able to convince everyone around you that there’s absolutely no such thing as being too bronze.

  • Includes: Dress, Wig, Foundation, Eyelashes.
  • (Warning: Costume kit may provoke juiced up haters to punch you in the face. Pair with the Guido kit so they know you’ve got back up.)

The Jersey Shore location rose to worldwide popularity in ’09 after MTV began broadcasting the reality series Jersey Shore. The Jersey Shore is a well known vacation destination for both New Yorkers and Pennsylvanians. The series follows the lifestyles of eight housemates spending their summer at the Jersey Shore. According to Governor Christie, the program “takes a bunch of New Yorkers and drops them at the Jersey Shore and tries to make America feel like this is the real New Jersey”. The Jersey Shore is home to several rock ‘n roll night clubs, most famously in Asbury Park, where Bruce Springsteen perfected his abilities at now defunct clubs like The Upstage and the Student Prince. The Springsteen song “4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)” is just one of a number of Springsteen songs which contains referrals to the Jersey shore scene of the early seventies.


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