10 Best Big Hero 6 Halloween Costumes Ideas | 2020

Big Hero 6 Halloween Costume

Big Hero 6 Halloween Costume

Big Hero 6 Halloween Costume

Best Big Hero 6 Halloween Costumes: Disney fans: This is for you! When you’re ready for Halloween in one of our Big Hero 6 costumes, represent your favorite characters. It’s hard to be a hero, but easy to be a hero! That is, if you get our Big Hero 6 costumes and we have Professor Callahan, Honey Lemon, Bemax and Hiro. Become that! Or, this adorable inflatable robot could go as Bemax, which captured all our hearts in the Disney movie. We also have the rest of the characters as honey lemon costume for girls. Become the big hero 6 and chase this Halloween with that funny man’s kabuki.

Disney has again made a delightful and enjoyable film that it is sure to please children everywhere. If it comes to an authentic and unique Big Hero 6 dress that helps re wake up the distinctive feeling that brings this particular movie into your life, we cover you. Some of them look so even inflatable, how bright and fun is that? When it comes to bringing your favorite Big Hero 6 characters to life, you ought to have just the right dress. Find everything you need here in our Big Hero 6 dress collection!

Pro. Callahan: I painted the mask by hand/ Cut and made your shirt and raincoat. We used them at Disney World and thought a standard trench coat would be too hot, so it was lighter.

Honey Lemon – all handmade. I found the material and made the underwear because I didn’t find a single piece in color. Their armor was cut with craft foam and then covered in cloth. The bag was an old acclaimed bag and I added a ball strap. I also made a hole in the bag and was able to extract colored balls to give to the children. The mask was fitted and cut off from the sewn.

Bemax: It was one I couldn’t do, so we found a terrible inflatable that was huge but it made it even better.

Hiro: I need something comfortable for my little one, so I design and cut/cut the design. Pressed his shirt and pants and it worked perfectly. The mask was fitted and cut off from the sewn. We use black hair spray for our spikes!

From Beamax and Hiro himself to Honey Lemon, we have everything you’ll need to make your favorite movie on Halloween night! Make your Big Hero 6 dress as authentic as possible when you pair big hero accessories with six official licenses! You’ll look like you’ve left the movie set in no time! buy Big Hero 6 Halloween Costume, Happy halloween!


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