DIY Ace Ventura Pet Detective Halloween Cosplay Costume

Looking for a DIY Ace Ventura costume? No problem. To make your own Pet Detective Halloween outfit, you will need: 

DIY Ace Venture Pet Detective Costume Idea
  1. Loud Floral Short Sleeve Hawaiian Shirt   
  2. White Cotton Vest or Tank Top
  3. Red & Black Striped Trouser Pants 
  4. Black Belt with Buckle 
  5. Ace Ventura Wig
  6. Black Military Boots 
  7. A Fake Red Parrot (Not a real one)
  8. A Lanyard for Pet Detective ID
  9. Printable Ace Ventura Pet Detective ID Card (See below to print)
Ace Ventura Pet Detective's Halloween Outfit includes a crazy Hawaiian shirt, Red and black striped pants, white tank top, and a fake parrot.
Ace Ventura's wacky outfits are something else.
Ace Ventura with food in teeth
Goofy Ace Ventura Outfit Red Pants

Ace Ventura Costume Breakdown:

“Aaaall Righty Then!” Let’s get into it. 

Ace Ventura’s Cosplay Costume is rather eccentric but then again, this might not be on the streets of Miami. His main attire includes red and black vertical striped trousers, a white vest, a loud floral Hawaiian short, and black military-style boots. 

To finish off your DIY costume, you will need the famous Ace Ventura wig (which is a little bit like an Elvis Wig), and a red parrot (as seen in the movie posters).

Buy the complete Ace Ventura Costume

If you’re not in the mood to make your own costume from scratch, then you can buy the complete Ace Ventura Halloween cosplay costume on Amazon, or at If you buy the outfit as a complete costume then it comes with Parrot, Wig and Pet Detective I.D card. 

Buy the complete Ace Ventura costume

Buy the Ace Ventura Tutu

Want to mix up your Pet Detective outfit with this very fetching tutu? Buy the Ace Ventura Tutu on Amazon here. The Ace Ventura Tutu scene is a memorable part of the film. Ace and Melissa Robinson (played by Courtney Cox) are at a mental hospital pretending that Ace is a retired footballer with mental health issues. After various crazy scenes, including a touchdown dance, he ends up smashing his head hard into the bench. A hilarious finale to the scene!

Buy the Ace Ventura Tutu

Download your Ace Ventura Costume ID Card

Need a printable realistic Ace Ventura ID card? Download and print the version below for free. Enjoy!

Download your free Ace Ventura Costume ID Badge

Who is Pet Detective: Ace Ventura?

Ace Ventura is Miami’s most famous Pet Detective, played by the infamous Jim Carrey. Carrey made his name as one of the main cast from In Living Color, the 80s comedy show. He has since gone on to greatness and starred in films including The Mask, Cable Guy, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Grinch and, of course, The Riddler in Batman.

But let’s get back to business. In the first Ace Ventura film, Ace is assigned the task of solving the theft of the Miami Dolphins mascot, Snowflake the dolphin. The theft happens just before Super Bowl Sunday.

Ace Venture Pet Detective Hawaiian Shirt Costume

Utilising his mix of slap-stick zany comedy, craziness, and unorthodox detective tactics, Ace manages to bumble his way to solving the theft and saving the day for the Miami Dolphins. 

Carrey reprises the role once again a year later in the film Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. In this film Ace sports a pair of swap green pants for his outfit. 

As we follow Ace Ventura on his crazy quest to solve the mystery of the stolen Dolphin’s mascot, he treats us to a number hilarious rib-breaking one-liners, including:

“If I’m not back in five minutes… just wait longer.”

“Lovely party. Pity I wasn’t invited.”

“Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.”

“I gotta go guys! I gotta date with your mothers!”

“Is it number one or number two? I just want to know how much time I have.”

“Excuse me. I’d like to “ass” you a few questions.”

“Holy shitballs.”

“Holy testicle Tuesday.”

“Aaall righty, then.”

“Like a glove…”

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