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Ice Age Mammy the Woolly Mammoth Halloween Costume DIY

Looking for a DIY Ice Age Woolly Mammoth Halloween Costume? No problem. Here’s your guide to create your very own Manny the Mammoth’s outfit: 

Ice Age Woolly Mammoth Halloween Costume DIY

Woolly Mammoth Costume Breakdown

This Woolly Mammoth Costume (also Manny from Ice Age) is sure to make an impact at your next Halloween party. This cute, shaggy Ice Age Halloween costume is unique and will ensure you capture all the cuddles. It’s one of my personal favourites when it comes to movie costumes!

Woolly Mammoth’s (officially called Mammuthus primigenius) were the soft giants of the Pleistocene, rather like elephants, until they were made extinct in the Ice Age over 10,000 years ago. But fear not. Here’s your chance to resurrect this wonder creature and look pretty awesome in the process.

This Woolly Mammoth Costume features a shaggy coat, big flappy ears, hooves, and tusks. It’s adult sized and is available in standard size and extra large for people over 6 feet tall. It features a zipper closer so it’s easy to slip into.

So get ready to bust some shapes on the dance floor, just like Manny from Ice Age!

If you’re going to your party as a couple, then why not get your other half or your buddy to dress up in an adorable Sid the Sloth costume?

Ice Age Mammy the Woolly Mammoth Halloween Costume DIY
Woolly Mammoth Halloween Outfit DIY
Ice Age Mammy the Woolly Mammoth  Furry Outfit

Ice Age Manny Woolly Mammoth Costume FAQs

What types of events is this furry Halloween Woolly Mammoth outfit suitable for?

This Woolly Mammoth costume is ideal if you want to make an ‘mammoth impact’ (see what we did there?) at your next party. It’s the perfect ensemble for Halloween Parties, Trick or Treating, Animal themed parties, Character themed parties, Movie themed parties, People looking for party costumes beginning with M, Ice Age Parties, and Kids parties.

Will this Mammoth costume make me claustrophobic?

You should be ok. There’s a large hole for your face to poke out of. If you feel like you need some air then you can easily unzip the front.

Will this fit you if you are an adult over 6 feet?

There are two sizes to this Manny costume – standard and extra larger. You if you’re over 6 feet tall, there is a size for you.

Can you sit without damaging the costume?

Yes, sitting in this Woolly Mammoth costume is not a problem. Just be careful that you don’t catch the material on any sharp objects.

Is this Manny costume hot?

You could be quite hot if you were cutting some shapes on the dance floor or playing twister, but you can easily unzip and the front and remove it to cool down.

Can I run a marathon in this Woolly Mammoth costume?

Running a race in this Woolly Mammoth outfit will be possible but you’re gonna be hot and sweaty! Ha ha! However, you’ll certainly draw in many admirers

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