Lord Farquaad Costume DIY Costume Ideas

Making your own Lord Farquaad Halloween Costume isn’t as tricky as you think. You can buy the items individually. For the most realistic costume, you will need: 

Lord Farquaad Halloween Costume DIY - From Shrek
  1. Long Sleeve Black Unitard Bodysuit 
  2. Red Crewneck T-shirt 
  3. A Long Flowing King’s Robe & Hat
  4. Black Bobbed Cosplay Wig  
  5. Long red medieval gloves 
  6. Black Leather belt 
  7. Black Knee High Costume Boots 
  8. Make-up Kit (To create Lord Farquaad’s 5 o’clock Shadow)

Kings Crown & Scepter

Lord Farquaad’s Costume Breakdown:

Lord Farquaad’s costume or regalia is an iconic movie costume. It’s a little bit like a Henry VIII outfit, but on a much smaller scale. While this outfit may look very grand, you can create a similar look without the need to employ your own royal wardrobe designers.  

To create your own DIY outfit as Lord Farquaad you will need to start off with a long black unitard bodysuit and red crew neck t-shirt as the base layers. If you can find a red velvet tunic, then you’re in business. Alternatively, this red frilly shirt will do that drops down to your knees.

From there, you need a flowing King’s red robe and a black haired wig with shoulder-length bobbed style. To finish the outfit, we suggest you opt for long red leather gloves, a black leather belt with a gold buckle, black knee high boots, and a red velvet renaissance-style hat. He also has a 5-o’clock shadow so you can, either grow some stubble or create your own with make-up.   

If you wanted to add a little dash of colour to your Lord Farquaad Costume then you could wear yellow tights instead of black, as seen in Shrek The Musical.  

Buy the complete Lord Farquaad Costume 

No time for a DIY movie costume? If you don’t fancy making up your Lord Farquaad Halloween Costume individually then why not buy it in one piece? 

It might not be the sort of outfit that you can wear to work, or to the bar with your buddies, but it will give you an added touch of realism. 

You can buy a complete Lord Farquaad Halloween Costume here on Amazon. Small, Medium, Large and X-Large sizes are available.  

We’ve also found an awesome 4-pack costume crown selection so you can mix things up a little.

Complete DIY Lord Farquaad Costume form Shrek

Who is Lord Farquaad from Shrek?

Lord Maximus Farquaad is the ruler of Duloc and villain in the first Shrek film. He gives ‘small man syndrome’ a new name. He is extremely short in stature, is ruthless, and is obsessed with his own looks and about creating perfection. 

His main objective is to execute a plan where he marries Princess Fiona in order to become king of Duloc. Because he is not officially of royal blood, this is the only way he can become king of the land.  

In order to do so, he banishes all the fairytale characters from his land and attempts to rule with an iron fist. All the fairytale creatures end up living in the swamp where our hero, Shrek resides. Shrek then sets about to rescue Princess Fiona.  

Lord Farquaad’s demise occurs in the final scenes where Shrek and Donkey save the day. Farquaad is eaten by his own dragon that he was using to guard the tower where he was keeping Princess Fiona hostage. Lord Farquaad does return as a ghost in the other Shrek films. 

In the Shrek film, Lord Farquaad is voiced by the excellent John Lithgow. 

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