Kids M3gan Halloween Costume (AI Doll Outfit)

Check out this M3gan Costume. Dress your child like one of the scariest modern horror characters – M3gan the killer AI Robot Doll.

M3gan Costume for Halloween

M3gan Robot AI Costume
M3gan The Serial Killer Robot
M3gan the Killer AI Robot Girl Outfit
M3gan Costume Face Mask
M3gan Costume Light Brown Wig
M3gan Costume White Pantyhose
M3gan AI Robot & Cady
AI Killer Doll like Chucky

Why you need to own this scary kids M3gan Halloween Costume (AI Doll Outfit)

M3gan is THE scary, yet disturbing film of 2022. For that reason alone, you need to wear this costume to next Halloween party. I place this costume into the same category as Chucky, Annabelle, Hellraiser, Exorcist, and The Nun. Scary and disturbing at the same time.

M3GAN’s life-like doll character is disturbing. The little perfect horror costume is also distributing, once you’ve seen the film (or even the trailer for that matter).

This is a DIY M3gan costume so you will need to purchase the outfit, mask and wig separately. If you have long, straight mousey-brown hair, then great. You then just need the disturbing mask! Ha Ha

As soon as you enter the party you’ll turn heads. You’ll be immediately recognisable and people will most likely be wary of you at first. I mean, who wouldn’t be? You’re dressed like a crazy, demonic AI robot-child who kills people! LOL

This M3gan costume is a dead-cert!

If you haven’t seen the film or character yet, then check out M3gan trailer here.

M3gan Costume Breakdown

The M3gan costume is made up of a cute, camel-coloured babydoll dress that make her look like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. This dress adds to the creepiness and un-nerving feeling you get when you look at her empty eyes. The designer also wanted a sophisticated look, like she was modelled by the perfect mummy who wants people to see her perfect little girl, without a hair out of place.

Layered under the dress is a grey and white horizontal striped tee with long sleeves which compliments the dress perfectly. Under the dress M3gan wear white pantyhose.

The finish of the M3gan costume (and the cherry on top) is a bold and beautiful ‘lavallière’ (also called a pussycat bow or pussybow). The pussy bow is traditionally a feminist statement worn by women in male-dominated environments. It is usually found on blouses but this is a standalone bow.

This ensemble will ensure you carry off an innocent, sophisticated, yet evil demeanour of M3gan. Enjoy!

M3gan Film Plot

M3gan is a modern horror-slasher film (created by the filmmakers behind Saw, Insidious, and The Conjuring) that initial starts off as a kind friendship and then progressively turns into a bloodbath.

Cady (the main character) lost her parents in an accident. Following their death, she goes to live with her aunty Gemma.

Gemma is a skilled roboticist who works at a toy company. She created M3gan, a AI (Model Three Generative Android (a.k.a a life-like doll) to be a friend, companion, teacher, and protector of children. The project was recently shut down by her boss. When Cady movies in, Gemma brings M3gan home to keep her 8-year old niece company and in an effort to kick-start the development process of her work project.

M3gan is paired with Cady and has been designed to protect Katie from physical or mental harm. Gemma tries to turn M3gan off but, due to rouge AI, she refuses and becomes closer to Cady.

Cady progressively finds herself is potentially threatening situation and that is when the kill count starts for M3gan. Over the course of the film, M3gan turns into a demonic killing machine. She eventually kills 5 people. Not bad, eh?

M3GAN also has a really cool ‘adroid girl’ dance too and the theme tune, Taylor Swift’s It’s Nice To Have a Friend, is catchy.

M3GAN was so successful at the open week that they have confirmed a sequel.

M3gan Robot AI Dance

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