Thanos Costume (Halloween Outfit)

Unleash the power at your next Halloween party with this awesome adult Thanos costume with light up Gauntlet Glove. 

Thanos Costume - Avengers Halloween Outfit

Why you need to wear this DIY Thanos Costume for you next Halloween party

Unleash your full power at your next Halloween party with this truly awesome DIY Adult Thanos Costume. Whether you’re 5 feet 4, or 6 feet, you’ll still feel 8 feet tall like Thanos, when you strut through the door.

Iron Man, Thor and Hulk, they’ve been done to death. But their arch nemesis Thanos, hasn’t.

This outfit is special, a real head-turner. The purple mask, head gear, body armour, the double-bladed sword, and of course, the realistic flashing Gauntlet glove will create envious guests all around you.

You’ll be able to command respect at the buffet demonstrate your dominance on the dance floor. You’ll be spinning your sword and waving your flashing Gauntlet, to Intergalactic by the Beastie Boys, Hooked on a Feeling (by Blue Swede in Guardians of the Galaxy), and We Are All Made Of Stars, by Moby.

He might be the villain in the Avengers movies but you’ll certainly be the hero at your soiree with Thanos costume. Whether it’s a Halloween party, 5K fun run, or a kids party, everyone’s gonna love it!

A good is “Inevitable.”

Thanos Costume Breakdown

Want to know what Thanos wears? Let’s break it down.

Thanos warrior body armour is as iconic as Iron Man’s suit, Captain America’s shield, and Thor’s Hammer. He has appeared in his armour since his days in the comics books. This is the same costume Thanos wore in the movies Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: End Game.

Officially licensed by Marvel, it features a golden helmet jump-suit, tabard top, purple Thanos mask, and fabric gauntlet (we have a better Gauntlet down below).

This costume is perfect for men (male), women (female) and teenagers.

In Thanos’ own words, this costume is “Perfectly Balanced, As All Things Should Be.”


  1. Thanos Costume Mask Upgrade: The Thanos Mask included in this a half mask that covers the face, but not the neck. If you want the authentic looks then check out the Thanos Deluxe Latex Mask below.
  2. Thanos Costume Gauntlet Upgrade: The Gauntlet glove included with this Thanos costume is material. It looks cool but that’s not going to draw admirers as much as a prop glove with flashing Infinity Stones. Check out the Infinity Stone Gauntlet glove upgrade below.
  3. Thanos Double-Edged Sword Upgrade: The weapon that Thanos imperiously wields is a double-edged sword. There is a famous scene in Avenger: End Game where he teleports back into his ship and wipes blood off the blade. You could do the same but with errrr……..ketchup or fake blood. You can check out the sword below and buy it on Amazon here.

Thanos Light Up Gaunlet Glove (sold separately to costume)

Bring an essence of realism to your DIY Thanos outfit with this flashing Gauntlet glove. It features all 6 Infinity Stones, one of the fingers and thumb, plus a Yellow Heart Stone located on the back of the hand. This Thanos Gauntlet Glove is detailed, super-lightweight and is battery powered. The switch is located on the inside of the glove. Flick it, and watch your party guests literally light up in amazement. The Infinity Stones can’t be removed on this glove, but why would you? They allow you to control the universe.

Thanos Mask (Deluxe Latex)

Thanos Avengers Halloween Mask

Made from latex, this high-quality purple Thanos mask is designed to give you a more realistic appearance of the universal villain. It’s a full head mask that features detailed lines and an evil expression. This mask literally says, “I’m gonna destroy you and everything in my pass!”

Thanos Sword

DIY Thanos Costume Sword Prop
Thanos Costume Holding Sword

The finishing touch to the Thanos Costume is his double-edged sword. This sword just looks intimidating and like it can be wielded in battle to destroy planets. This particular version of Thanos’ sword is actually made of high-endurance, safe EVA PU Foam material. It may look scary but it’s actually harmless.

It’s 42 inches in length so it’s the perfect size for adults or kids.

Kids Thanos Costume from Avengers

If you’re looking for a kids Thanos costume, then look no further. I’ve found a smaller version of the costume which is perfect for a kids Halloween costume or birthday gift. This costume is suitable for children from 36 months (toddlers) to 7 years old. This children Thanos costume doesn’t include the flashing Infinity Gauntlet glove.

Kids Thanos Costume
Childrens Thanos Avengers Outfit packaging
Officially Marvel licensed Avengers Thanos Costume
Thanos Child Costume with jumpsuit and shoe covers.

Who is Thanos from Avengers?

Want to get into character with your Thanos costume? Here’s a little bit of background about this nasty chap.

Thanos was a Warlord who originated from Titan. He was first featured in Iron Man comic #55 in 1973, and has since featured in the films:

His plan is to bring stability to the universe by wiping out half of all life at every level. He believes over-population would use up the universes resources and destroy it. (I guess his heart was in the right place.)

In the film, Avengers: End Game, his goal was to find all 6 Infinity Stones, giving him total power to execute his plan of universal domination. Thanos enlisted the forces of Loki and Kree warlord, Ronan the Accuser to help him. Fed up with their betrayal, incompetence, and failure, by his two so-called allies, Thanos set about hunting down the stones himself.

Thanos from Avengers: Endgame holding the Infinity Gauntlet Glove

The Downfall Of Thanos

Little did he know that the 15 Avengers and 21 other superhero characters, including the Guardians of the Galaxy, would assemble and thwart his plan.

Thanos forced Eitri, King of the Dwarfs form Nidavellir, to create an Uru glove called the Infinity Gauntlet. The Gaunlet’s sole purpose was to enable Thanos to hold and control the power of the Infinity Stones safely. Eitri was a skilled forger and blacksmith who was capable of helping Thanos to achieve his goal. Uru is a metal forged in the furnaces of Nidavellir. This mental is so tough to that it requires the power and heat of a star to forge anything from it.

Following the creation of the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos decided to repay Eitri by wiping out the entire Dwarf race, with the exception of him. Instead, he spared him but smelted his hands in hot Uru so he could never forge anything for any of Thanos’ enemies. Not a nice chap, eh?

Once Thanos had the Infinity Gauntlet Glove on his arm, his sole objective was to find the stones and reap havoc, death and disaster. (Please don’t do that at your party!)

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