Inflatable Chubby Superhearo Costume Ideas (Blow-up Fat Superman Costume)

Looking for a cool outfit to make everyone envious at your next party? No problem. Here’s an awesome inflatable Chubby Superhero Costume

Inflatable Chubby Super Hero Blow Up DIY Halloween Costume

Inflatable Fat Superhero Halloween Costume Flying Mode
Inflatable Fat Superhero Halloween Costume Casual Front View with Burger & Shake
Inflatable Fat Superhero Halloween Costume Side View
Inflatable Fat Superhero Halloween Costume Rubbing Tummy 

There’s nothing quite like turning up to a Halloween party (or any party for that matter) dressed like an overweight superhero. This is truly one of our favourite DIY movie costumes. Inspired by a mix of Superman and the Fat Thor outfit from The Avengers, this hilarious inflatable chubby superhero costume shows that superheroes like fast food and beer too! After all, when you’re fighting crime 24/7, you still need to fuel your body…..with pizza! 

Inflatable Fat Superhero Halloween Costume Breakdown 

The style of this inflatable Chubby Superhero costume is in the iconic blue, red, and yellow of traditional superman. It features a ‘super pizza’ emblazoned on the chest (Yes, you’re effectively Pizzaman or Pizzawoman!), a cape, the customary red pants but with a big pizza-filled belly showing! The burger and shake are optional.

The sizing of this chubby superhero outfit is one size, so it pretty much fits all teenagers and adults. So whether you’re 5 feet 2, or 6 feet 4, it’ll inflate and mould to your size. Just be aware that, the shorter you are, the chubbier you will look! Ha Ha 

As we said, the suit is inflatable, so it comes with a battery-powered (4 AA batteries required but not included) air pump which is constantly sucking air into it. The battery pack is stored in a small pocket on the leg. The fan keeps the suit looking buoyant but also keeps you cool in the process. You may need that when you’re fighting crime at the party! 

Chubby Superhero Costume FAQs

What types of parties is this Chubby Superhero costume suitable for? 

Halloween Parties , Trick or Treating, Animal themed parties, Colour themed parties, Character themed parties, Movie themed parties, People looking for party costumes beginning with S, Super hero day, Kids birthday parties, Super hero parties, and Office Parties.  

How long do the batteries last in the inflatable fan? 

The batteries can last in excess of 9-hours, usually enough for any Halloween party or marathon. We suggest buying a back-up fan just in case. Once you’ve had a drink, things can be rather errrr…….rough. The fan is not designed to be thrown around, rolled on, or whacked during party games!

Can I run a marathon in it? Will it get hot? 

It will be hot, probably like a sauna. C’mon guys, it’s a Halloween party costume, not an elite athlete’s running outfit! :-p 

Will this fit you if you are an adult over 6 feet tall? 

Yes, the suit is very versatile. Because it is inflatable, it will fit you if you’re 6 feet 4, or a 12-year old who is 5 feet 2. 

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