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Inflatable Pikachu Costume (Pokémon Halloween Outfit)

Unleash your electric power at your next Halloween party with this cutesy Inflatable Pikachu Costume. Pika! Pika!  

Inflatable Pokemon Pikachu Blow Up DIY Halloween Costume

Inflatable Pikachu Costume
Inflatable Pikachu Costume Side View
Inflatable Pikachu Halloween Outfit
Inflatable Pikachu Costume with Battery Powered Blow Up Fan

Why you need to own this Pikachu costume

Want to be everyone’s favourite Pokémon? Well check out this inflatable Pikachu costume.

This outfit is guaranteed to electrify the atmosphere the moment you enter the room. Level-up your friendship group with this fantastic ice-breaker of an outfit and own the party.

Get into your Pikachu characyer as you bounce around the dance floor to discos faves including Electric Dreams, Our Friends Electric by Gary Numan, and Electric Avenue, by Eddy Grant, Electric Feel by MGMT.

Get your Pokeball and Pokedex at the ready. This party is about to get started!

What is Pikachu?

Pikachu is a fictional creature that first appeared in the 1996 Japanese Nintendo Game Boy video games Pokémon Red and Green in 1996. Found in the Kanto region, Pikachu is a yellow furry mouse-like electric-type Pokémon. Owned by his Pokémon master in training, Ash Ketchum (Satoshi in Japan), they go on a quests around the world of Pokémon so Ash can fulfil his quest of becoming the greatest Pokémon trainer ever. Along their journey, they meet other trainers, fight other Pokémon creatures, and outsmart rivals, mainly Team Rocket (Jesse, James and Meowth, who want to get their hands on Picachu.

Pikachu is the most popular type of Pokémon with electrical powers. It evolves from a Picu into a Pikachu, and then into a Raichu if caught in a thunder storm. They also have a Gigantamax version which makes them huge (and almost look inflatable).

The recent film Pokémon Detective Pikachu was voiced by Ryan Reynolds. Pikachu is so popular that it has become the mascot for the entire franchise. It is synonymous with Pokémon all over the world.

Inflatable Pikachu Costume FAQs

It’s vibrant inflatable Pikachu costume bright yellow so you can’t possibly be missed, and have a chirpy smile, with red rosy cheeks. It also has black tips to its ears, black adorable eyes and, of course, a lightening strike tail.

It’s an all-in-one suit that you climb into and zip it up.

The sizing of this inflatable adult Pikachu outfit is one size. When blown up, it fits teenagers and adults ranging from 5.2 feet tall to 6 feet. Once inflated, the suit simply moulds to your body.

This electrifying party outfit inflates using a battery-powered (4 X AA batteries required but not included) air pump which is quietly pumping air into it to maintain your Pika’s shape. The battery pack is stored in a small pocket on the leg. The fan keeps your yellow Pokémon inflated and also keeps you cool in the process.

We suggest an extra pack of batteries to make sure your cute creature’s puffy body remains buoyant and looking firm for the duration of your party or event.

Inflatable Pikachu Costume FAQs

What types of events is this blow up Pikachu outfit suitable for?

This inflatable Pikachu costume is a real head-turner if you want to draw attention at Halloween Parties, Trick or Treating outings, Animal themed parties, Colour themed parties (Yellow), Character themed parties (Pikachu), Movie themed parties (Detective Pikachu), People looking for party costumes beginning with P (Pikachu or Pokémon), National Pokémon Day, Kids parties and more.

What height is this Pikachu costume suitable for?

These outfits are unisex and adult-sized, but great for teenagers too. They will be fine for anyone who is 5 feet tall to about 6 feet. If you’re over 6 feet them you should probably look for a half-body costume like a Bronco Bull Rider, Piñata, T-Rex, Flamingo, or Inflatable Chicken costume.

Will this blow up Pikachu costume make me claustrophobic?

No, you should be fine. These inflatable costumes are very light and do not constrict your body. The fan should keep the outfit cool while you are wearing it. If you’re not sure then we suggest looking for a half body Halloween outfit.

Can you sit without damaging this Pikachu costume?

Yes, you can sit in your Pikachu costume. You obviously need to be a bit careful because they are not made for extreme durability. For example, head-spinning on the dance floor or energetic games of twister are not recommended while wearing it. :-p

How long do the batteries last in the inflatable fan?

The batteries for these inflatable costumes can last in excess of 4-hours, usually enough for any halloween party or marathon. We suggest buying a back-up fan and batteries just in case. Once you’ve had a drink, things can be rather errrr…….rough. The fan is not designed to be thrown around, rolled on, or whacked during party games!

Can I run a marathon or race wearing this blow up Pikachu outfit?

Yes, you probably could. It’s obviously going to be quite sweaty so you might on get one use out of it if you run in it. C’mon guys, this Pikachu outfit is meant for party fun, not to set new world records!!!

Alternative Pikachu Costumes

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