Inflatable Skeleton Unicorn Costume

Looking for a cool outfit to make everyone envious at your next party? No problem. Here’s an awesome inflatable Skeleton Unicorn costume

Inflatable Skeleton Unicorn Blow Up DIY Halloween Costume

Why you need to own this Inflatable Skeleton Unicorn Costume

Think you’re too old for unicorns? Think again. Sparkle or Bring the magic of death (your choice) to your next halloween party with this mystical ……errrr….inflatable skeleton unicorn costume.

There’s nothing corny about this unicorn. It’s eye-catching, totally unlike any steed you’ve ever seen, and is ridden by a black knight of the underworld (yeah, that’s you!).

The moment you trot into the room, heads will turn, double-takes will be taken, and tears of laughter will ensue. There won’t be a long face in the room (except your unicorn’s).

IMPORTANT NOTE: This unicorn is nocturnal. Yes, it’s a true night-mare! (Badum Tss)

You’ll gain a ton of admirers as you gallop over to the buffet to sample the sugar lumps, carrots, and pop-‘corn’.

You’ll also be able to own the dance floor as you gallop to crowd favourites from Megan Thee Stallion , U2’s Who’s gonna ride your wild horses, and Lil Nas X – Old Town Road.

It will be shits, giggles and fairytales all round. Everyone’s a winner!

Inflatable Skeleton Unicorn Costume Breakdown

This inflatable skeleton unicorn costume is primarily black and white with a beautifully coloured mane and tail (a.k.a rainbow farts!). It is a unicorn after all. You can’t have it just black or it won’t stand out.

The sides of the outfit display the bones of the animal, as does the head which is a skull. On top of the head is a customary unicorn horn in white there is also a pair of dangling legs for you – the rider. To finish off your Black Knight costume, there is a flamboyant helmet.

The sizing of this inflatable skeletal unicorn is one size. When blown up, it fits teenagers and adults ranging from 5 feet tall to 6 feet 5. Once inflated, the suit simply moulds to your size and remains that way.

This excellent party outfit inflates using a battery-powered (4 AA batteries required but not included) air pump which is quietly pumping air into it to maintain the shape. The battery pack is stored in a small pocket on the leg. The fan keeps your trusty steed inflated and also keeps you cool in the process.

We suggest an extra pack of batteries as back-up so your pony stays in shape and looking firm for the duration of your party or event.

Inflatable Skeleton Unicorn Costume FAQs

What types of events is this blow up Skeleton Unicorn outfit suitable for?

This inflatable Skeleton Unicorn costume is perfect if you want to make an instant impact at Halloween Parties, Trick or Treating, Rainbow themed parties, Character themed parties (Buttercup from Toy Story, My Little Pony), Movie themed parties (Toy Story, Unicorn Store, and The Last Unicorn), People looking for party costumes beginning with U (for Unicorn), National Llama Day, or just a Kid’s party.

Will this unicorn costume make me claustrophobic?

No, you should be fine. This suit is very lightweight and the outfit only comes up to your waist. You arms are free to hold the reins, attack the buffet and swig punch.

Will this fit you if you are an adult over 6 feet?

It also fits an average 12-year old if they are are 5 feet 4 or above. If you’re 6 feet tall then you’ll be just fine.

Can you sit without damaging this inflatable Skeleton Unicorn costume?

Yes, sitting is not a problem. Just be careful that you don’t catch the material on any sharp objects. Also be careful of your beautiful colour tail.

Is this Skeleton Unicorn costume hot?

Due to the light-weight material the costume is fairly cool. Plus your upper half is free so you can wear a t-shirt.

How long do the batteries last in the inflatable fan?

The batteries can last up to 9-hours with continuous use, usually enough for any halloween party or marathon. We suggest buying a back-up fan just in case. Once you’ve had a drink, things can be rather errrr…….rough. The fan is not designed to be thrown around, rolled on, or whacked during party games!

Can I run a a 5K in this Skeleton Unicorn costume?

Running a 5K race in this outfit is certainly possible. It’s a lower half costume so it should be fine. However, don’t expect it to be much use afterwards. The material isn’t designed for galloping furlongs. It might also be a tad hot and sweaty once you reach the finish line.

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