Inflatable Sumo Wrestler (Blow Up Sumo Outfit)

Looking for a cool sumo outfit for your next party? No problem. Here’s an awesome inflatable Sumo Wrestler costume

Inflatable Sumo Wrestler Blow Up DIY Halloween Costume

Inflatable Japanese Sumo Wrestler Costume Breakdown

Sumo Wrestler costumes are a firm favourite when it comes to Halloween and cosplay parties. If you wanted to emulate some famous Sumo wrestlers then you can choose from……

This fun, cuddly, and friendly outfit is one of the most popular inflatable costumes and will never fail to win people over. So while everybody else opts for a boring vampire, skeleton or horror costume for Halloween, you’ll be bouncing your way around the soiree, getting all the attention.

This Sumo outfit an automatic ice breaker, so it’s ideal if you’re a little shy or you spot someone who takes your fancy but not sure what you first move will be.

This outfit is inflated using an internal fan which can last up to 9 hours, giving you plenty of time to cut some over-sized shapes. This loose-fitting costume is perfect size if you are 5 feet tall or 6 feet 5 because it adapts to the person wearing it.

This Halloween outfit is sold with the costume, wrap-around apron, fan and power supply. You will need to purchase the batteries separately.

So? What are you waiting for? Hakkiyoi!

Alternative Inflatable Sumo Black Belt Wrestler Costume

Inflatable Sumo Blow Up DIY Halloween Outfit

Inflatable Sumo Wrestler Costume FAQs

What types of events is this blow up Sumo Wrestler outfit suitable for?

These Sumo Wrestler costumes are perfect if you want to make an instant impact at Halloween Parties, Trick or Treating, Colour themed parties,
Sport Themed parties, Character themed parties, Movie themed parties, People looking for party costumes beginning with S (Or X for name), International Sumo Day (insert), or just a Kid’s party.

Will this costume make me claustrophobic?

No, you should be fine. This suit is very lightweight and there is a hole for your head. However, if you suffer from a touch of claustrophobia, we suggest you go for an alternative inflatable costume, perhaps one without a head, like the snail, ostrich, or magical unicorn.

Will this fit you if you are an adult over 6 feet?

It also fits an average 12-year old if they are are 5 feet 4 or over.

Can you sit without damaging the costume?

Yes, sitting is not a problem. Just be careful that you don’t catch the material on any sharp objects.

Is the costume hot?

Due to the light-weight material the costume is fairly cool. Clearly, you’re not carrying the weight of a real sumo wrestler.

How long do the batteries last in the inflatable fan?

The batteries can last up to 9-hours with continuous use, usually enough for any halloween party or marathon. We suggest buying a back-up fan just in case. Once you’ve had a drink, things can be rather errrr…….rough. The fan is not designed to be thrown around, rolled on, or whacked during party games!

Can I run a marathon in this sumo costume?

Running a race in this outfit will be possible but, we warn you, it’s gonna be hot and sweaty! Yuk!

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