Inflatable Triceratops Costume (Blow Up Dinosaur Outfit)

Looking for a stomp-tastic dino outfit to turn heads at your next party? No problem. Here’s an awesome inflatable Triceratops costume

Inflatable Scary Triceratops Dinosaur Blow Up DIY Halloween Costume

Blow Up Scary Triceratops Dinosaur Halloween Costume
Inflatable Triceratops Costume with blow up T-Rex
Inflatable Triceratops Costume with other blow up dinosaur outfits
Inflatable Triceratops Costume with blow up T-Rex and brown Triceratops

Why choose this Inflatable Triceratops Costume?

Everyone loves dinosaurs so why not stomp your way into attention with this stomp-tastic inflatable Triceratops costume.

This 3-horned blow up dino outfit with ensure you make an impact the moment you enter the party. You’ll look dino-mite on the in the living room, adora-saurable in the kitchen, and roarsome on the dance floor. This costume is perfect for Halloween, kids parties, and even fun runs.

Inflatable Triceratops Costume Breakdown

The style of this inflatable Triceratops costume is large green body with three horns (hence the word ‘tri’ in Triceratops, flat feet and an open roaring mouth! The mouth material is transparent to ensure you can see where you’re stomping!

The sizing of this inflatable Triceratops outfit is one size. When blown up, it fits all teenagers and adults from 5 feet tall to 6 feet 5. The suit simply inflates and moulds to your size.

The outfit is inflated using a battery-powered (4 AA batteries required but not included) air pump which is constantly blowing air into it to maintain the shape. The battery pack is stored in a small pocket on the leg. The fan keeps the suit inflated and also keeps you cool in the process.

We recommend an extra pack of batteries to ensure the fan lasts to the full extent of your party or event. Nobody wants to see a flat, deflated Triceratops! ha!

Inflatable Triceratops Costume FAQs

What types of events is this blow up Triceratops Dinosaur outfit suitable for?

This blow up Triceratops Dinosaur costume are perfect if you want to make an instant impact at Halloween Parties, Trick or Treating, Colour themed parties, Sport Themed parties, Character themed parties, Movie themed parties (Like Jurassic Park or The Lost World), People looking for party costumes beginning with T, National Dinosaur Day, or just a Kid’s party.

Will this costume make me claustrophobic?

No, you should be fine. This suit is very lightweight and the upper half of the body is free so you’ll be able to move, grab your drinks and play games.

Will this fit you if you are an adult over 6 feet?

It also fits an average 12-year old if they are are 5 feet 4 up to about 6 feet tall.

Can you sit without damaging this inflatable Triceratops Dinosaur costume?

Yes, sitting is not a problem. Just be careful that you don’t catch the material on any sharp objects.

Is this Triceratops Dinosaur costume hot?

Due to the light-weight material and internal fan, this inflatable Triceratops costume is fairly cool. However, just like any synthetic material, it will start to warm up if you start cutting too many shapes on the dance floor! lol

How long do the batteries last in the inflatable fan?

The batteries can last up to 9-hours with continuous use, usually enough for any halloween party or marathon. We suggest buying a back-up fan just in case. Once you’ve had a drink, things can be rather errrr…….rough. The fan is not designed to be thrown around, rolled on, or whacked during party games!

Can I run a marathon in this inflatable Triceratops costume?

Running a race in this outfit in this inflatable triceratops will be possible but, we warn you, your outfit’s gonna be hot and sweaty! Yuk!

Other Inflatable Halloween Costumes

There are a ton of great inflatable dinosaur costumes available that are sure to make an impact at your next soiree. You can choose from the Triceratops, or T-rex, Diplodocus, Velociraptor, Pteranodon, or Ice Age Woolly Mammoth costume. I have also selected some of my favourite inflatable outfits below.

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